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Poetry Submission Guidelines

Our door for submissions is wide open!
We welcome Submissions of Full-length & Chapbook Poetry whenever you'd like.

Cooper Dillon is a small poetry press committed to upholding the virtues of Poetry as a high art and expression of truth, beauty, and sincerity: the values that make poems timeless. If that mission feels right, and you want to send a manuscript, please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Submissions are taken via Submittable.
• For each submission, we require either a reading fee* of $10 or you may buy a Cooper Dillon book. Please order a book from the Cooper Dillon store, the Submittable login page, or enter the $10 fee upon submission by selecting the appropriate option. If you're submitting more than one manuscript, you can purchase a book for each submission in one order.
• If your manuscript is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it from Cooper Dillon through Submittable.
• Cooper Dillon is a poetry press, and cannot consider manuscripts of fiction, nonfiction, scholarship, illustration, etc. All non-poetry submissions will be declined.
To order a book, visit the Cooper Dillon Store.

Click here to submit to Cooper Dillon Books via Submittable (please make sure you have read the guidelines above).

Send any questions regarding the reading period or submission process to submit@cooperdillon. Manuscripts are considered carefully and we reply within 6 – 8 weeks. If you do not hear from us within 2 months of your submission, please feel free to email.

*Just as book orders contribute to paying our poets for their work, Reading fees help us pay artists who provide our art and design.

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